About - Kelly Richards Photography

Welcome to Kelly Richards Photography!

Kelly Richards is a commercial food and product photographer passionate about helping local businesses shape their brand and drive sales through great images for print, websites, e-commerce, and social media.

Do your products "pop" off the page? Do they tell the story of your business and who you are? A small investment in professional food or product photography can pay off big in increased revenue for your business.

With her training in digital photography and photo editing, Kelly Richards  started Kelly Richards Photography in 2010 in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.  Wanting to capture the essence of this popular wine region, Kelly wholesaled poster prints and greeting cards to local gift shops of the rolling hay bale hillsides, grape-filled vineyards, and iconic red barns.  During that time Kelly also took on some  product photography assignments shooting wine bottles and gift baskets for wineries needing better images for their websites.  

A big lover of hiking and the outdoors, in 2015 Kelly moved to the Pacific Northwest and settled in beautiful Tacoma.  When asked to convey a company's story through combining multiple products in one image, Kelly knew she had found her true calling and passion.  Capitalizing on her strong understanding of color, lighting, and composition, Kelly now enjoys helping Puget Sound businesses grow through her commercial product photography.

Why is using  a professional food and product photographer important?

We live in a time when almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera and can upload their images to the internet.  We also live in a time when retail businesses are competing with many other companies for customers  and must come up with creative ways to stand out from the crowd.  A good professional food and product photographer understands that customers tend to make purchasing decisions based on emotion.  Kelly will work with you and your business to learn about your  unique brand and the emotions that need to be captured in your images to set you apart from other businesses.

A professional food and product photographer also understands that if your image does not have good lighting, you don't have an image.  Kelly understands how to best utilize natural and studio lighting to minimize harsh shadows and reflections that would take away any perceived quality from your food or products.

Lastly, a talented food and product photographer also works in post production utilizing photography editing tools.  Kelly always checks for photo sharpness and makes any necessary size and color corrections to each photo.  She will also edit out anything that would distract from your food or products.

Contact Kelly Richards  for a free consultation about how she can help you shape your brand and drive sales through her food and product photography.